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April 20, 2005



are those shoes supposed to fit on those kids? the iraqi children must have big feet. i can see the reports on the news, government screws up handing out shoes too large.. a special report, the fleecing of america at 6:30


Absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing.


Hi, Shawn. Have been following your blog faithfully. Your stories can be at once the highlight and the heartbreak of my day. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful insights with your friends and family. What kind of schools supplies are most needed/wanted by the children? I am praying for you daily.


Heather, we are mainly gathering pencils/pens, paper, markers, crayons, and any other type of school supplies that children can use. Thanks so much for your support.

Personal Note: Congrats!!


You must know Scotty Verran. He is the drivers ed teacher where I am librarian. He is a close friend of mine. Our school sent shoes (all sizes - small ones too) and he sent me pics showing the same little boy and blond headed girl. I bet you on were on the same mission. He is a great Christian guy and we really miss him. You sound like a wonderful guy too. Take care.

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